The key to attract new customers

iVend Retail offers the best consumer experience you buy in an omnichannel retail model or through a single channel. Its different functionalities allow retailers to maximize their potential sales, since their customers can buy the products in different ways, even though the inventory of the product they want is lower in local stores. We support the consumer to live the omnichannel retailer in the best way that exists among our competitors in the market.
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Business Class Solution



A trustworthy solution

iVend Retail is used in 46 countries and more than 10,000 retail stores around the world. iVend Retail revolutionizes the point of sale (POS) with end-to-end retail management that allows retail brands to offer personalized shopping experiences in all retail channels. 

A simple and easy to use interface

iVend Retail helps retailers establish a digital base to simplify their business with a detailed understanding of their customers' needs and the ability to serve them individually and seamlessly across all channels. Major retailers are using technology and software to offer customized customer experiences, as well as increase operational efficiency to reduce costs and function better.

Real-time sales, inventory and income information 

With a built-in function to facilitate payments in various currencies, iVend Retail is the perfect solution to quickly change exchange rates. This gives your customers the option to complete transactions in any allowed currency and preferred payment method. 


Keep your loyal customers 

Maintain a close relationship with your customers by implementing a loyalty program that integrates perfectly with all the locations of your store, offering your customers a wide variety of promotions, mobile notifications, digital coupons and reward points, this program It will allow you to customize incentives for your customers to choose their stores.

iVend Retail Solutions Suite

iVend POS

Transforms the point of sale at the point of service

iVend Point of Sale is the most complete retail suite in the market. It supports hundreds of peripherals including Android and iOS tablets. You can work ONLINE and OFFLINE making your business never stop producing. It is modular. Get the benefits of: A Reliable Point of Sale, eCommerce portal, Loyalty, Digital Passes and a complete Reporter to get the most out of your business data. 

iVend Mobile POS

Keep aside your inventory through iOs and Android devices

Use it on any iOS or Android mobile device with access to all the basic POS functions so you can interact and transact with shoppers on the floor and process sales from anywhere in the store, or remotely.

iVend eCommerce

Start selling online in a very short time with a personalized web store

Open a new store or upgrade your existing online shopping cart with advanced e-commerce features that will increase sales and help you reach a wider audience.

iVend Loyalty

Implement a loyalty program that keeps your customers and makes them return

Develop and loyalty program with which you can reward the purchases of your customers and thus generate loyalty for your brand. iVend Loyalty is a flexible points and rewards platform available through physical or digital cards. iVend Loyalty makes available to your business, tools that allow you to develop deeper relationships with your customers by offering visibility of purchase history and preferences.

iVend Passes

Sending digital coupons, offers and gift cards to any Smartphone user

Offer coupons, relevant offers, gift certificates and loyalty cards, digitally, on iOS or Android mobile devices with integrated geo-marketing capabilities for digital gift cards, coupons, loyalty rewards, sometimes known as digital wallets. Market your customers in more imaginative ways and at a lower cost.

iVend Reporting and Analytics

Get useful information about your company's performance

Launch advanced tools and business intelligence reports that help you identify trends throughout your retail environment to maximize revenue and optimize success.

Integration with the ERP of your preference

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iVend Retail integrates natively with the most complete ERP in the market: SAP (Business One, IS-Retail, ECC 6.0), Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Sage 300 ERP. You can also integrate it with other ERP of your preference such as: ODOO, SugarCRM and others; using the iVend Retail API that opens a world of possibilities.


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From point of sale (POS), mobile and online stores to inventory management with a single reserve of shares and loyalty programs, iVend Retail provides tangible business benefits:

A 5%  increase in sales due to the functionality of Click and Collect

4% (sales) savings in inventory cost

More than a 10% increase in sales due to the assisted sale of mPOS (mobile point of sale)

10% of increase in sales using Loyalty or CRM data